27th Birthday Blog Party!

It’s my birthday! Twenty-seven years ago today I was born in Portland Oregon to the best parents on earth!

Birthdays are interesting things. When I was younger I always thought I would wake up feeling different somehow… Older maybe. I always felt the same – although I usually felt pretty special πŸ™‚ My family has some great birthday traditions… When I was little we would wake up to a bedroom completely covered in crepe paper! We would have to climb out of it like a spy through laser beams or rip our way through in order to get to the door. As I got older my parents decided that toilet paper was cheaper, so from then on we just got our room “toilet-papered”. One year (when I was either 21 or 22) my dad called up my neighbors/good friends and (easily) talked them into toilet-papering my entire apartment! This year I won’t be waking up to a room strewn with toilet paper. I will instead be waking up at 5:00 am to go to work and cook for 10.5 hours. I’m not complaining. I’m grateful to have a job! I’ll be celebrating my birthday with my sisters on Sunday when we go camping! And next week I’ll be able to see my family and have a little family party…

With my brother at my birthday last year!

Another family tradition that we have is that the birthday person always gets to pick what they want to have for dinner. And when I was little we had “moneyΒ  cakes” that were just traditional style cakes with coins stuck in them! (Don’t worry, the coins were thoroughly washed.) We always got really excited if we got anything bigger then a penny πŸ™‚

This year I want to start a new tradition! I want to celebrate with all of you by hosting a little blog party/giveaway! I’m going to give away a gift box filled with stuff from a couple of my favorite local shops (spices, teas, possibly chocolate), simply because it’s my birthday! In order to be entered to receive this gift box of foodie goodies you need to leave me a comment telling me what your favorite birthday tradition is!

It would make my day if I got a whole bunch of comments – so spread the word!


11 thoughts on “27th Birthday Blog Party!

  1. Happy Birthday! Our birthday tradition was always going out for dinner and then coming home afterwards for cake and a photo of the birthday girl / boy with the cake! Hope you had a great day, even though you had to work! πŸ™‚


  2. We actually did the birthday dinner thing, too, complete with picking a dessert once we were older and past birthday parties. I always asked for Cornish hens (my mom would roast them with tons of herbs) and something chocolaty. I love the crepe idea! πŸ˜€


  3. Happy Birthday Lorna! Hope you have fun celebrating tomorrow and next week!

    My favorite birthday tradition was going out for breakfast on my birthday. When we were younger it was usually just my dad and the birthday person and eventually, as the family got bigger, everyone would come and we did it a couple times a year for “groups” of birthdays. Anyway, the birthday girl/boy always got to order whatever they wanted and usually that included a hot chocolate. πŸ™‚


  4. We didn’t really have any birthday traditions growing up, every year was something different but it was always a good time! I love the idea of traditions though and I may steal the TP idea for my kids…so cool. Anyways, I love your blog! I do check in on it often but I’m so bad at leaving comments, I’ll try to be better. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Lorna, come visit us soon!!!


  5. For some reason we chose the 15th birthday as being extra special in my family. The girls get hopechests and their ears pierced, and we get to choose something special and fun to do as a family. My parents ask a few good family friends to write us letters of encouragement and wisdom. I remember really enjoying those letters!


  6. Happy birthday!

    No real birthday traditions here. Just yummy food and lots of cake. I like the idea of a tradition though – maybe I should start one!


  7. Birthday traditions need to be entered into carefully…the whole crepe paper balloon room decorating idea seemed great until we got really poor-thus the toilet papering came into being. I will have to say that it is a very fun tradition for parents. We get to stand in the dark and toss rolls of toilet paper over sleeping children!

    love mom


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