Don’t Miss It

Sometimes…often…inspiration escapes me. Laziness gets in the way. Little distractions and excuses fill my mind and leave me bored and uncreative. I want to write…and cook, inspire and create. I want to fill my days with beautiful moments and delicious food. How do you begin when the excuses are many and energy is lacking?

I have to start small and hope it grows.

Pay close attention to the tiny happenings nearby. A sparrow lands, momentarily, to snatch a seed from the new window feeder.

Joy comes with each new seedling that pushes it’s way up from the trays on the table. Go check – are there any new tips of green? Pet the sleeping kitty on the way.

Don’t let the desire for perfection get in the way. Just write. Don’t edit. Now is not the time.

Bake some chicken thighs just so you can eat the crispy skins. Eat another piece of salted chocolate just to make it’s dark flavor last a little longer.

Pay attention. Don’t miss it.

Life and creativity is everywhere. Sometimes we have to work a little harder to find it. This is where I start. These few paragraphs are my attempt to begin again.


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