Foodie Penpals

I am so excited! I am participating for the first time in a fun new program called Foodie Penpals! Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean started the program back in September with around 30 participants as a way for foodies all over the country to connect and try new things. This month the program has grown to 600 participants in the US and Canada – not counting the new branch in the UK. How cool is that?!

Here’s the short version of how it works (sort of):
 – On the 5th of the month you find out who you’re matched with. – You have 72 hours to get in touch with them and figure out any food preferences. – You go shopping with 15 bucks and try to find all the cool stuff you can! – Before the 15th you mail your package. – You wait in anxious anticipation by the mail box until your package arrives. – You open your box and jump up and down with joy and excitement! – You resist temptation and take pictures of everything you got before devouring the wonderfulness. – On the 30th of the month you do a post on your blog about all the awesome stuff you got! – Then you start watching your Inbox for the next e-mail from Lindsay telling you who your new foodie penpal is!

Sound like fun? Visit The Lean Green Bean – Foodie Penpals for detailed information and to sign up!

Stay tuned for more adventures with Foodie Penpals!


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