Once again I have fallen down on the blog writing job. Maybe this will cheer you up… A post – with pictures!

March 17th (Saint Patrick’s Day) was also my brother Kealen’s 16th birthday! In honor of this momentous occasion, we (the siblings) decided to continue our newly begun tradition and take the birthday boy out for a fancy dinner at a snazzy local restaurant. This tradition first started when Kealen, Noah, Rosie and I surprised Hannah for her 18th birthday by getting all dressed up and going out for an amazing meal… I think that may have been the first time we’d ever done something together, without the rest of the family or countless friends tagging along. In any case – we all agree that this is a tradition worthy of continuing! We also agree that it is just way to expensive to do for every birthday, so we’re limiting it to 16th, 18th and 30th birthdays (I had to talk them into that last one.)
These evenings have been full of silly conversations, delicious food (very important on a Farris outing) and for some odd reason – bathroom rating?

Kealen’s celebration took place at the little Prospect Street Cafe in downtown Bellingham.

Here are a few pictures to show you the fun we had, good food we ate and the following horrible games we bowled!

Happy birthday Kealen-boy!


3 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. It does a mother's heart good to see her children enjoying and loving one another! Bathroom rating? That one probably originated with YOU who had a fascination for public bathrooms since you were about three :-).That final picture of Kealen is perfect…he seems to be saying, "It's in the bag…a slam dunk to a perfect evening" !


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