Salsa and Salsa Nectarine Chicken

I made some great fresh salsa earlier – because really… what is better then fresh salsa and crispy tortilla chips for a mid afternoon snack? For my salsa I quartered cherry tomatoes, finely diced part of a white onion, very finely chopped three garlic cloves, and chopped a large handful of cilantro leaves. I threw everything together in a handy bowl and sprinkled in some sea salt and ground pepper. Voila! Salsa!

After eating about half the bowl – I was still hungry… so – the following recipe was born!

You’ll need:

chicken pieces (I used a giant thigh)
granulated garlic
a little oil
a few pieces of nectarine
and the a fore mentioned salsa

Preheat the oven to 400. Put a little bit of oil in a glass baking pan – so the chicken won’t stick. Place the chicken in the pan, spread as evenly as possible. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and granulated garlic. Spoon some of the salsa on top of the chicken. Dice up the nectarines and add them to the salsa on top of the chicken. Spread the nectarines and salsa out so that the chicken in completely covered. Kind of press everything together so it will stick. Anything that falls off into the pan should be scooped back on top or tucked under the chicken pieces. (I suppose that last part is easier when you’re using a boneless piece of chicken…) Bake until the chicken is done (180). Enjoy – preferably with a cold beer and some more chips!

P.S. Be sure to use plenty of salt on the chicken… mine could have used a bit more.


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