I realized I haven’t said a word about my new little brother yet πŸ™‚ My parents are adopting a little boy from foster care! His name is Gabriel (Gabe), he just turned seven, and after some really intense struggles with the state and other people – he has been placed permanently with our family! Which means that even though they can’t adopt him for another six months… he’s ours and here to stay! This little guy needs so much love, and in return he is very loving πŸ™‚ He doesn’t like the color of his hair or his skin because his step-dad told him over and over how ugly he was. He doesn’t like his name because his mom gave it to him. Not to mention the abuse and abandonment. So we try to rub his head at every opportunity and tell him how handsome his curls are! We tell him how we’ve always wanted a little brown brother and my mom says how she’s always wanted a Gabriel (which is true)!

This whole situation is going to be a growing experience for all of us – but it is being made easier by a little boy who it TRYing to love his Forever Family!

Welcome to the family Gabe… we love you already!


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